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Lets see a bio eh. Well I was born the fall of..., you probally don't care about that. I am a resident of Waltham Mass and work for a school in cambridge. I use to play chess but found it to repeatative. Warhammer seems to fill the tatical void while never repeating.


1) How many years have you been playing WHFB?
Since Spring 2003

2) What armies do you play?
Vampire Counts, Bretonnians, Lizardmen

3) What is your beverage of choice?
Some form of stout, as long as you can't see though it it must be a good one.

4) Who is your WHFB nemesis?
Donno, I seem to lose to Matt C's VC a lot.

5) Favorite quote?
"Six up ward saves, no problem."

6) What is the army that you least like to face?
Skaven they ran over me last time.

7) Favorite band of the 80s/90s/00s?
Megadeth/White Zombie/Dream Theater

8) What is your favorite place to eat on Moody St.?
The Brew Pub.

9) What army would you like to own next?
Lets just finish the ones I got so far before we think about this.

10) Most notorious WHFB moment?
Running over Jim Wilsons's Dwarfs that time.





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