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Progenitor of The Lost Legion and one of the founders of Danger Planet, Jim has been a regular on the local Warhammer scene for over a decade. He worked part-time at the Compleat Strategist in the early 90's and later ran regular tournaments and leagues at the late Phoenix Games in Medford before opening DP with Scott and Brian. He lives in Brighton with his wife Carol and works in Cambridge as a recruiter.


1) How many years have you been playing WHFB?
13 years.

2) What armies do you play?
Dwarfs, Dogs of War, Chaos (Beast, Mortal, DL), Cult of Slaanesh.

3) What is your beverage of choice?
Miller Lite baby!

4) Who is your WHFB nemesis?
Kelly and his damn (present) Chaos Dwarfs/High Elves/Khemri and (past) Chaos, Dark Elves and whatever army he's ever borrowed over the years...

5) Favorite quote?
"The more I learn about these aliens, the more I come to understand what drives them, the more I hate them. I hate them for what they are and for what they may one day become. I hate them not because they hate us but because they are incapable of good, honest, human hatred."
- Inquisitor Angmar On Tyranids

6) What is the army that you least like to face?
Brettonians. Especially when fielding my Dwarfs and my opponent <you know who you are> never fails a 5+ ward save... .

7) Favorite band of the 80s/90s/00s?
Lloyd Cole/ The Beautiful South/ Paul Weller

8) What is your favorite place to eat on Moody St.?
Sadie's Saloon - try the marinated tips and then tip the marinated waitress.

9) What army would you like to own next?
Wood Elves (again!)

10) Most notorious WHFB moment?
Any time I hit a Daemon Prince/Monster/Character with my Dwarf Stone Thrower dead-on and then roll a "1" to wound. Happens EVERY time I tell ya'! :)





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