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Around the Year of our Lady 2000, a General by the name of Chris Hammond started taking place in battles that great generals from all around partake in. This occurance is called "Warhammer" by scholars, and it hones the skills of Strategy and Leadership that all generals must excell in. This Hammond character is what we learned men call a "leader for rent". He has been seen leading various armies, from the noble (and wealthy) armies of the Empire, to the foul and ancient terrors of the Tomb Kings, to the reclusive and introverted Wood Elves. Hammond travels far to this "Danger Planet" from a land known as The Island of Rhodes. He hails from a small city-state called Woonsocket. His goal is fame and fortune.
When not on the field of battle, Chris's hobbies are athletics and painting. He also enjoys fine drink and (well, in HIS opinion) music. Whether battle or banter, Chris enjoys the cameradirie and atmosphere of this "Danger Planet". He will be staying for a while, or until they give him the boot.


1) How many years have you been playing WHFB?
About 5 years

2) What armies do you play?
Wood Elves, Khemri, and Empire

3) What is your beverage of choice?
Bass Ale

4) Who is your WHFB nemesis?
Chris Cuevas, his Rats are Nasty cheese-mongers

5) Favorite quote?
"When you learn the nature of a thing, you realize what it's capable of"

6) What is the army that you least like to face?
Dwarves-High Toughness+Great Armor= UGH!!!!!

7) Favorite band of the 80s/90s/00s?
Def Leppard/Korn/3 Doors Down

8) What is your favorite place to eat on Moody St.?
The Skellig

9) What army would you like to own next?
Probably Brettonians

10) Most notorious WHFB moment?
Well, I was playing Jim Wilson with my Empire. I had a rear charge set up on his big block of Warriors (with his General in it) with 5 pistoliers. I was far away, so Jim decided to flee. We did the Math, and figured out he needed to roll higher than a 4 on 2 dice to get away.....he rolled a 4 and I caught him by 1 inch. It was like 800 points for that unit after all bonuses. OUCH!!!!!!





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