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I just recently moved out of Boston to go train with a nice group of survivalist/militia types in good ole' Orlando. Its sweet. Kinda like boy scouts but with lots of semi-automatic weapons.
I didn't really buy the whole "end of the world/race war/govt conspiracy schtick" at first, but now I dig it. Its hot.
I represent the Lost Legion down here with a ratty old shirt that I stole from Matt. I wear the daggone thing with pride.


1) How many years have you been playing WHFB?
Since 2000, I think. I'm not honestly sure.

2) What armies do you play?
Well, GW recently pissed me off so I've been recycling my old armies. At the moment I'm down to Chaos Dwarves and the Bubonic Court. Those are the two armies I basically stripped down/chopped apart and started fresh.

3) What is your beverage of choice?
Jumpin' Jesus' Christ!....The Horchata at Annas is the BEST I've ever had. YES! Seriously, ya'll gotta try it.

4) Who is your WHFB nemesis?
No one can touch me cause I'm the greatest. Plus I cheat like crazy.

5) Favorite quote?
Well. I was driving down I-90 the other day and I saw a sign that confused me to no end. It read "Coming soon to a home near you [insert pic of AK-47] " That quote still has me puzzled
Its my favorite because its like 60 ft tall. A 60ft long AK is inherently sweet.

6) What is the army that you least like to face?
Whew. Where do I begin!? Im not down with the DL's anymore. I think the list are so limited that they encourage cookie-cutter army rosters. Play one DL you've played them all.

7) Favorite band of the 80s/90s/00s?
I pretty much only listen to the Dave Matthews Band. I'm one of those guys.

8) What is your favorite place to eat on Moody St.?
Theres this sweet little bodega on moody that sells Chester Chicken. Come on now. Its a cartoon chicken with a ten-gallon hat and a six-shooter. Trust me. It rocks.

9) What army would you like to own next?
I've been getting the Dark Elf bug again....I think I'll do DE in 07. Hell yeah.

10) Most notorious WHFB moment?
Well, I was playing this guy in Rhode Island. He brought an empire gunline against my chaos horde. After 4-5 turns of shooting the remnants of my army got to his hand gunners and ripped his army to shreds. At this point the dude, a grown man of about 35 yrs, begins to tear up. He starts groveling about how its not fair then starts to sob uncontrolably. That sucked.





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