Matt Corrigan

Doug Crouch

Ken Crouch

Chris Cuevas

David Duranleau

Jamie Driscol

Chris Hammond

Peter Hodgkins

Mike Holm

Brian Kelly

Leigh Potter

Keith MacDonald

Allan McNabb

Ed Moynihan

Chris O'Brien

Matt Perry

Andy Schneider

Jim Wilson

Welcome to The Lost Legion Members Section.

The members of the Lost Legion hail from all over New England, especially the Greater Boston area. Several travel all over the country, competing in Grand Tournaments. Some have even been ranked in the top echelons of Warhammer Fantasy Competition. Along with seasoned veterans, The Lost Legion also has members who have just begun to play Warhammer Fantasy. These members bring with them an abundance of new ideas and strategies, as well as fervor for the game.

Please feel free to browse our members pages. Each page contains information about an individual member as well as photos and contact information.

If you wish to become a member please come by the Danger Planet Games store or contact one of our members for more information. 





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