Tournament Results:

WHFB 4/04/09 Tournament

Overall Winner
Paul Gates (Empire)

Best General
Daniel Neleson (Lizardmen)

Best Sportsman
John Motta (Warriors of Chaos)

Best Painted
Brian McMillan (High Elves)

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Welcome to our Events Section.

Lost Legion Warhammer Fantasy Fall League

This league was setup with a football type schedule and playoff system. For information on this league checkout the league page. To sign up please send an email to with the folling info by Sept 21st.
-City and State of residence
-E-mail Address
-Danger Planet Board Name
-Telephone number (home or cell)
-Army Played

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Escalation League

Brain Edwards is running a WHFB Escalation League at Danger Planet this fall. Information on this League can be found here.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Summer Tournament

Come join the Lost Legion for its Spring Warhammer Fantasy tournament on saturday Aug 23 at 10:30. Players compete for pride and glory with 2250 point lists using standard WHFB tourney rules. The Tournament will be hosted at Danger Planet Games in Waltham Mass.

Awards given for Best General, Best Painted, and Best Sportsmen. The action starts at 10:30 a.m. This is a 14+ Event. There will be a $10 entry fee. The event includes a pizza lunch. For more info, contact Silas or visit the WHFB forums at Danger Planet Games.





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